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Gardens & Lawns


Lawns require regular care, such as mowing, feeding, weeding,pest control, aerating and scarifying Spring Summer and Winter.

Fertilising, top dressing & weed control are important jobs that need to be done at the correct time  of the year and applied correctly.We discuss with you a maintenance programme to suit.  Top dressing fills those holes, adds soil to bare patches encouraging strong growth, and levels out the lawn improving drainage and look. Fertiliser provides immediate nourishment and quickly encourages growth above and  below for a more lush, thicker lawn. Weed control ,weeds such as clover, flat-weed and bindi Can easily be removed with the correct spraying programme. We ensure your Lawn looks good all year round.


From simple weeding to a complete garden makeover, we do it all. We provide the complete garden maintenance service. , mulch,bark organic garden soil conditioners and fertilisers, are all required for a healthy garden throughout the year. We can improve your soil condition to get the best results around your garden.

You will quickly see the results and a garden your neighbours will envy. A regular monthly programme will keep your garden in great shape and give you more time to enjoy.Go-Oz-Home & Garden Care.

Hedging & Pruning

Ken says pruning, like any other skill, requires knowing what you are doing to achieve success. The idea that anyone with a chain saw or a saw can be a landscape pruner is far from the truth. More trees and shrubs are killed or ruined each year from improper pruning than by pests. Remember that pruning is the removal or reduction of certain plant parts that are not required, that are no longer effective, or that are of no use to the plant. It is done to supply additional energy for the development of flowers, fruits, and limbs that remain on the plant. Pruning, which has several definitions, essentially involves removing plant parts to improve the health,shape and look of the plant. Once the objectives are determined and a few basic principles understood, pruning primarily is a matter of common sense. Ensure your  cutting tools are sharp and clean at all times,this will reduce damage and disease.

The necessity for pruning can be reduced or eliminated by selecting the proper plant for the location. Plants that grow too large for the site, or fast growing should be used wisely and kept to a minimum in your landscape plan.

Hedge borders play an important role in landscape design. Whether we’re talking about the whole yard or just a planting a driveway, you’ll find properties set off by hedges, fences or stone walls are more attractive . For plant-lovers, hedges have the virtue of being living borders.Hedges also play an important role in landscape design habitat and protect your garden from winds pests and nosey neighbours.

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